Work with Camilita in September




Create the Life Your Deserve with Camilita and 9 other Amazing Entrepreneurs all READY To Fight for Their Future with Camilita’s Mindset – Skills Set – Association Coaching Program!


Here is your Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!
This is going to be the ONLY one like it this year and I don’t want you to miss out.

I know you have been asking me if I offer an online coaching program. Well, I have decided to do a special program for a limited no of people and for a limited time. With all my upcoming travels, I don’t want you to miss out on making this year your defining year.


This is such a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants the chance to work with me directly and with a mastermind group as well. I’m ONLY selecting TOP NOTCH people who are ready to Fight for their Future NOW.

What would happen if you could have not just me but another 9 ENTREPRENEURS to help you over the next few months make more money, build globally and succeed regardless? What if you had access to that same group for the next few months to ensure you stay on track? That’s what I’m offering here.

I’m looking for serious people ONLY. Not someone looking for a handout, someone who pays and does not engage, someone who makes a decision then changes his mind and want refunds, then want to know why they are not moving forward. NO PLEASE DON’T PAY OR ATTEND. I am looking for Champions, leaders, winners, fighters and people who know their destiny is to be wealthy, tired of the status quo and ready to HUGE results. 


Is that YOU? Great, this program is by INVITATION ONLY so take action now! 


2 webinars – 1 Opportunity

Starter MSA Program – Price: £1,200 £497 ($797)  BUY NOW BUTTON

  • 2 months Coaching from comfort of your own home via LIVE webinar
  • Each sessions lasts for 30 minutes
  • A £1,200 ($1,997) Value
  • Maximum of 10 People on webinar

Tue 8th & Tue 15th September @ 8pm GMT   /   8pm EST
Tue 6th October & 13th October @ 8pm GMT   /   8pm EST


VIP MSA Program – Price: £2,000 £997 ($1,497)   BUY NOW BUTTON

  • 2 months Intensive Coaching LIVE via Webinar
  • Each session lasts for 1 hour
  • A £2,000 ($3,000) Value
  • Maximum of 7 People on webinar

Tue 8th & Tue 15th September @ 9pm GMT   /   9pm EST
Tue 6th October & 13th October @ 9pm GMT   /   9pm EST


You will be sent a unique link for each webinar. Only the ones paid and registered will have access to the links. Payment must be made in full before you receive the link. We offer payment plans for each package:


2 Pay Starter MSA Program: £273 ($410) x £273 ($410) –  BUY NOW BUTTON

 2 Pay VIP MSA Program: £548 ($822) x £548 ($822) – BUY NOW BUTTON

More information call Andrew: +44 7903 65 22 80 or email:


Go ahead and CONTACT ME here directly. To attend my next event at the Early Bird Prices and I look forward to seeing you there personally!! BOOK HEREIf you want to ignite passion back into your business or looking for a coach or mentor, contact me directly on: or phone: +44 7903 65 22 80. I coach & inspire individuals and business owners to live their destiny by taking the appropriate action to succeed! Subscribe to my newsletter, Add me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, Connect with me on LinkedIn & Subscribe to YouTube below for more success tips.

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