The 7 Qualities of Master Achievers

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People often ask me – Camilita, how come you do so much in such a short period of time. Well let me share with you WHAT it takes to achieve greatness and in doing so, develop The 7 Qualities of Master Achievers.

With Master Achievers, there is no differentiation in race, colour, geographical location or beliefs because the principles & the work ethics are all the same. The only variable is YOU. So here they are and I urge you to strive, aim and work towards daily, you becoming a Master Achiever!


  1. Master Achievers are Masters of their OWN dayoprah photo 1

From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, from Mother Theresa to Ghandi – all were masters of their OWN day. They all had a few things in common:

Valued they OWN day – time is the one thing we can’t have again and once wasted we can’t get it back, so value your time

Did not work for someone else – we can’t all be entrepreneurs but this is about Master Achievers so if you want to be one, stop building some else’s’ asset column! Create your OWN path for success either through an idea or product – like Apple, Hilton, Google or Amazon then market it like crazy.


  1. Master Achievers Have a BIG Dream

King_Jr_Martin_Luther_093.jpg In the book The Magic of Thinking Big, the author outlines the power of having a BIG dream, one that scares you but one that is mother theresa
achievable. Is that you? Are you dreams so big you don’t know where to start? GOOD! You’re in the right place. Get started………


Write down the dream and make it plain

Apply my ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Why’, ‘When’ & ‘How’ principles to your dream (ask me more about this)

Say it everyday as an affirmation, in your meditation time or in prayer.

Act on that dream every day, every single day

Find a coach or mentor who can help you attain it (ask me more about my coaching program)


  1. Master Achievers Control their Mental Processingrichard branson

Mindset v Skills set and what goes into it. In the book – Beyond Positive Thinking, Dr. Robert Anthony explains the mental processing that is necessary for all master achievers. For more info – see my audio download on this topic at 

In the book – ‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, Mr Barnes came to Mr Edison with no education, no money and no influence – BUT he had initiative, faith and a will to win. With those intangible forces he made himself #1 with the greatest inventor.

In order to control their mental processing, Master Achievers

– Have a coach and accountability partner (ask about my coaching program)

– Read their goals out loud daily

– Stay around people of influence

– Are flexible with their goals


  1. Master Achievers Work their Plan

spanx founderIt says 10,000 hours to become an expert and 25 years to become an overnight success. When I started my real estate business & my Network Marketing business, I did 12 – 16 hours a day, 6 days a week for 18 months! Work nobody ever drowned in sweat!

In working, Master Achievers have multiple steams of RESIDUAL income. How can you do the same?

– Find a company you can build with to help you generate residual income

– Attend some property seminars / events or pay a property guru to teach you how

– Create a product / video / CD / training program to sell online – mine is coming out in June so stay tuned!

– Start or buy a franchise

Maybe you have a skill everybody is telling you you’re good at; use that, why wait, what have you got to lose? Start selling something you have created because selling is a profession. If you don’t know how to, learn! Get used to it as you are either selling or being sold to everyday.


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