Rave Reviews from Clients & Partners


john priceJohn Price – Former President of International Operations, Mannatech Inc. & CEO Price Associates (LA, USA)

Camilita is without any doubt at all, one of the best corporate sales professionals that I had the pleasure to work with during my 25 years in sales. She has an internal motivation that is unequalled! I am pleased to comment on her ability to multi-task while remaining focused on the marketing plan.


bob burgBob Burg – Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur

‘Camilita is a force of Nature and every where she goes people just gravitate towards her. Wherever she has an event you want to attend, this is someone you want to learn from and learn with” – youtube logo


terri maxwellTerri MaxwellBusiness Growth Expert, Investor, Author and Inspirational Speaker (USA)

Camilita is passionate, hard-working, and willing to do WHAT EVER it takes. She inspires others with her enthusiasm for life! 


rui antuinesRui AntunesSenior Consultant IT Business Hospitality Industry (Dubai)

Camilita is a very enthusiastic person always willing a extra effort in whatever she does. This Testimonial is because she is highly goal oriented and puts more than 100% to archived her goals in shortest possible time. She bring enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to the business. 



IMG_5845 IMG_5437


A dynamic Keynote Speaker with a can-do attitude, Camilita has proved an inspiration to whomever she speaks, actively making an impact around the world. Her straight talking, bold, highly infectious personality, that brims with passion, has helped motivate thousands over the last 10 years from the USA to Australia. Her think-big, no-nonsense approach, coupled with warmth and humour, will leave you challenged and transformed, ready to achieve extraordinary things in your life or business. You will learn to implement  Who – What – Why – When – How principles as Camilita will leave you wanting more. 

Why book with Camilita? As a motivational speaker and trainer, she gives a no-nonsense approach with a high velocity delivery that will leave you, your sales force or team ready to take action. To discuss how Camilita can help your business, corporation or organisation with retreats, seminars, focused training to help your staff increase more sales or productivity…….



+44 7903 65 22 80 or email: info@camilita.com 

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