Having the ‘Rock Star’ Speaker Camilita Nuttall Speak at Your Event



On this page you will find all the necessary information on:

  • How to book Camilita 
  • What documents you might need
  • Contact details
  • Photos of Camilita

Feel free to contact our office directly if you don’t think you found what you’re looking for. Alternatively contact Andrew the office manager directly on: +44 7903 65 22 80 or email: info@camilita.com 



Camilita’s 1 Page Introfullsizeoutput_2677

Here is a short introduction to Camilita Nuttall. Camilita works with Publicly Traded Companies, SME’s and Individuals to create Bigger Sales, Increase their PR and Business Turnover through Online and In-House Group Training, 1-2-1 Mentorship, One Day Workshops and Bespoke Corporate Clients Systems Solutions.
Download Here



Camilita’s Media Kit fullsizeoutput_2678


Download Camilita Media Kit here. The World’s # 1 ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Camilita Nuttall is Founder of Event of Champions®, a 7 Times Award Winning Corporate Sales Trainer, Leadership Expert, Executive Business Mentor, Entrepreneur & Property Investor. Mentioned in FORBES and Quoted in Think & Grow Rich for Women, Camilita works with multiple 6 and 7 figure business owners and entrepreneurs to inspire those who are facing challenges or wants advice to increase their net worth, create workable systems and take action to succeed. Download Here



Fill in Event Questionnaire questionnaire

To book with Camilita, you must fill in an event questionnaire, this questionnaire will ensure you meet the necessary requirements Camilita needs in order to complete your booking. 50% of all event fees must be paid upfront in order to book, which is non refundable. Request the Event Questionnaire HERE


 Audio Visual Requirements etc. party-microphone

Camilita wants to ensure your event is as meaningful and successful as possible, since you have invested time and money for this! We want to ensure you have the necessary equipment for the best return on your investment. We kindly suggest that you have the best lighting, sound and video equipment necessary.

Request the AV etc Requirement HERE


Camilita Nuttall Introduction 

Described by many as a ‘Force of Nature,” there is no better way to introduce Camilita than the way her audience describes her. That’s why it is key you give a good introduction of Camilita so that your audience gets the best out of your event.

Request Camilita’s written Introduction HERE 


Camilita’s Photos (or request specifics)

Here are some promotional photos to choose from and Camilita’s logo in order to promote her and your event properly. If you need anything else, please contact: Andrew her Manager on: +44 7903 65 22 80 or email: info@camilita.com


camilita Nutall Events-6 camalita-nutall-1-12-no-back-ground 15310662_10154335928458860_622031885_n cutout-2   camalita-nutall-1-13 .  camalita-nutall-1    camalita-nutall-1-2   camalita-nutall-1-14   camalita-nutall-1-16 event_of_champions_reversedevent_of_champions_solid_cmyk

camilita-logo .    camilita-logo-bw

 camilita Nutall Events-9 camalita-nutall-1-12 camalita-nutall-1-6 camalita-nutall-1-5


Want more information? Contact Andrew my manager: 

+44 7903 65 22 80 or Email: info@camilita.com 

Connect with me:  FACEBOOK LOGO  GOOGLE + LOGO  LINKEDIN LOGO 2  youtube logo  Twitter_logo-4


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