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camilita Nutall Events-9What is so unique about Camilita’s Executive Business Mentoring:

Camilita has the ability to translate passion to business and build sustainable routes to entrepreneurship. She’s a trend setter and not afraid to have the difficult conversations that push you towards purpose and dream fulfilment. If you’re serious about business and ready to move to the next level of operation in your business then Camilita is the mentor you will want on your side.

If you’re looking for mentoring for your large organisation, small business, charity, church, members association, community group, government organisation or team – to boost sales, encourage lagging team members or motivate staff to do more, Camilita Nuttall is the person for you!




Testimonial from a few of my Mentoring Clients 

chevetteA HUGE THANK YOU to Camilita Nuttall and her Husband for helping me to understand my worth!!!! When I met her she said she has never seen so many broke people in one place! She said she couldn’t understand why people had to wait for pay day to do stuff!!!! She said the reason why a lot of Bahamians are broke is because we don’t understand the importance of WORKING TOGETHER!!!

She told me I’m broke because the world doesn’t know about ME and MY JEWELLERY!! She also told me I have to change the circles I hang out in! I experienced what can happen when I do just that! GOD GOES TO WORK!!! This Year 2016 I will be able to pay the people who helped me out along my journey!

Camilita Nuttall is the reason why Myself Chelsea Johnson and Dandria Miller are working together today! We Make An AWESOME TEAM!! I admire these ladies!! They bring a lot to the table! They run circles around me in the areas I’m weak! Camilita Nuttall told us that we have to come together to make a difference in the Crafts Industry in the Bahamas!!! I told Chelsea Johnson I believe in Destiny! There is a reason why we have come together at this time!

Thank You Camilita Nuttall The three of us have done sooooo much in the short time that we have been working together! Its amazing what can happen when LIKE MINDED women come together! Could you imagine what we will be able to accomplish when 20 or more of us come together under the BAC Association! www.bahamasartisanconnection.com – Chevette Williamson


Suvi BowellanEvery now and then you meet a person and you know that your life will never be the same. If you’re lucky, you can take a quantum leap towards the dreams you’ve had and grow more as a person in only a few months than you did in the past few years. I’ve had several of these meaningful encounters in my life and the latest is with Camilita Nuttall. She has the amazing gift of seeing you for who you are and what you have to offer and summarizing it in a few sentences. You’re left sitting there deeply moved and wondering how someone you just met can see the depths of you so clearly. Camilita has the amazing ability to see who you are and it’s summed up in a few sentences, so that you sit with tears in his eyes and wonder how someone who’s only known you for a while, you see so deep in your core. Thank you Camilita for your support! I could not have found a better business mentor. I can say the same thing you said about me: there’s more to you than meets the eye. 😉 I can’t wait to share you with my friends and colleagues in Finland in August & November!


“Camilita is the mentor that I have been waiting for most of my life. She is direct, experienced and honest, and knows exactly how to transform you tamara rasheedinto the true owner of your business that you always hoped to be. When I first met Camilita, my business, although doing well, was undervalued and just not performing at the level that I knew it could. I built tremendous authority but none of it was being showcased the way I was marketing previously. I worked so hard over the past several years to build my business, but I still felt something was missing. Camilita showed me that I had to own the entirety of who I am and what my business is, and not to short change myself by only offering one service when I have many. Being an owner of multiple businesses, I thought I had to down play some to focus on others. The reality was that they were all special to me and they all have a place, and Camilita helped me see how special what I was offering truly was. She made the difference between products that were only hundreds of dollars in my business to products and services that bring in thousands. I am now on track to becoming a 6 figure business owner because of her mentorship, focus and organizational skills. Since hiring Camilita, I have made thousands of dollars and received high end clients that I never would have obtained without her help. I had a national business before, and now my business is international! This is something I have always dreamed of obtaining, and now I have achieved it. Thank you so much Camilita. I can never truly express how much you have helped to uplift me and change my life. Tamara Rasheed #1 Bestselling Author, Credit Specialist, and Coach www.TamaraRasheed.com

To book a mentoring session with Camilita – call +44 7903 65 22 80 or email: info@camilita.com

I look forward to helping you with all your mentoring needs.


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