6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Accomplish More

I run 3 separate businesses Camilita P Nuttall Motivational Speaker, a property business and networking marketing distributorship, so I know as an

entrepreneur we all want to do more with less time. However this rarely happens when you are running more than one business or better still when you are a solepreneur.

I want to give you MY 6 Ways to Accomplish More as an Entrepreneur and hope this will help you in your business.


1. Read your Goals before you start the day

This helps you to stay focused on the BIG PICTURE at all times. With everything moving so fast from the minute you enter the office till the time you leave for home, you need to remind yourself always WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.


2. Create tasks that are manageable in small chunks

Brian Tracy in Eat That Frog explains how to get more out of your day by doing bigger tasks first then smaller ones later on in the day. Make a list of everything you need doing, either delegate or do in small chunks, it makes the task look smaller and simpler.


3. Do the work that pays  

Whenever corporate clients, companies, small businesses or solopreneurs call me in to do sales or performance training, the one thing I stress is doing the work that pays. People get caught up being busy all day but not necessarily doing the work that pay, I call that busy being broke. Prospecting call, sales calls, follow ups, one to one meetings, networking, asking for referrals are all work that pays. Make sure you and your teams are focused on the work that pays!


4. Make 10 prospecting calls every day and follow up on 5 people

Yes picking up that old telephone seems like a thing of the past since the influx and popularity of social media and video chats. However, picking up the phone and actually talking to a prospect, especially after sending an email or message to your prospect, is like magic to your sales experience. I have had huge success over the last 12 year, getting BIG clients by just picking up the phone and calling them right after sending an email, try it.


5. Delegate more and delegate quick 

If you are a perfectionist like I am and hate making mistakes, I know how it feels when you have to trust someone else with your business. You can either have 1000 hours of your own or 1 hour of 1000 people, with the latter, you will get more done in less time. Delegate more and delegate quick.


6. Follow your body clock and work the times that suits your body

This frustrated me for years. I hate mornings, I work better in the afternoons, evening and night. I’ve read so many books and articles that said you should finish all your emails etc before 7am so you can get on with your day. I hated getting up early and felt unproductive because I couldn’t. I then realised that I can work the hours I liked, feeling good about my choices and still get twice as much in. I felt liberated. Know your body clock, work when you feel happy and enjoy your journey as an entrepreneur!!


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